Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Apple Painting

After celebrating Dr Seuss birthday at the book store the other day we did some activities at home.
Now my DD hasn't read 'Ten Apples up on Top' yet(we are still on the nose and foot book) but i thought a simple activity with apples would be fun.
So we first used apples as our blocks and tried making a tower which was really hard.

Later i asked her if she wanted to do some painting using apples instead of brushes and she was up for it so we did some apple painting:)

She couldn't resist putting her hands in the paint..she loves to make a hand print whenever we are painting.

Very quickly she covered 2-3 sheets with her apple prints.
After she was done painting it was snack time and we ate APPLES! Art made the apple good enough to eat:)

Messy fun is always a hit with toddlers.
I will be back with some St Patricks Day activities soon..till then..Bye!

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