Thursday, March 28, 2013

Virtual Book Club : Julia Donaldson

As part of the virtual book club we picked up two books by Julia Donaldson from the library. The Gruffalo (the most popular book by this author i guess) and  One Ted Falls Out Of Bed(Its a rythemic counting book about a sleeping child's teddy bear who falls off the bed and cant climb back so he plays around with cars and balloons and all the other toys in the room but he misses his bed and soon the boy wakes up and pulls him back in bed)

My daughter couldn't get enough of her Ted book. We had the book for 3 weeks and every single day we were reading TED. So i decided to do a lil reenactment of the story. I printed out some characters from the Internet, put out some of her cars and blocks and we spent a great time playing around with them.

The other book was Gruffallo. I made some finger puppets using the character printouts and some matching game cards.

 My daughter didn't play much with the puppets but loved the matching game. It was her first time playing the game and she enjoyed it every bit.

We played it a couple of times and she got exited every time she found a match:)

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