Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Indoor Snowman

As much as we are awaiting spring and summer its never easy to resist playing in the snow when there is so much of it around you. We had a snow storm last week so we got involved in our favourite winter activity..making snowmen!
My daughter said 'its too cold outside' but she still wanted to make a snowman so we got the snow inside and made little snowmen just like i saw them here.
I got some snow from outside in a baking pan,set it down on a kitchen towel on the floor and we were ready to make our snowmen.

We used cloves for eyes, cereal and dried cranberries for nose and socks as hats.

Don't they look adorable?!!?!!

We later went outside to make a big snowman but my daughter preferred to stay inside and watch mama papa because she thought it was too cold outside. You can see her standing in our patio door in the pic below.

Hope its our last snowman of this winter..we are now eagerly awaiting spring.

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