Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fine Motor Skills

 In the last few weeks while i was searching the web for some toddler activities i found that a lot of them involved working on fine motor i tried them with my daughter.To my surprise..she took interest and spent a good amount of time completing the activities. Usually she is the kind who moves from one activity to another pretty quickly..but this time she wanted to do these Games(as we call it) again and again!
Here are a few that we did..
    Putting spaghetti in an empty oregano leaves jar.You could use any jar with slightly large holes.

After the game she was trying to help papa fix the chair(look at the screwdriver in her hands):)

Putting pebbles using a spoon in an empty milk carton.


 Putting cheerios down a Spaghetti tower.

 Me and Aarini had lots of fun doing all these activities.Hope you all have the same with your little ones.

P.S I have to say thank you to all those blog moms from whose blogs i took inspiration for these activities..from the next post i will make sure to mention the blog names or attach their links.


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