Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Small Kids and Big Canvas

Snow Days or Winter Break..we all know that its hard to keep the kids occupied for a long time with any one single activity at home. Your certainly have to be creative to keep their attention.I knew i would be needing some of those activities during the huge storm so i went online and found some very interesting ones on Pinterest(i love this thing).
The one i tried here with my DD kept her busy for almost 2 hours!! I couldn't have asked for anything more:)

If your kid loves paint or just loves to get messy..this is what you should do on a long winter day:)

I gave her some washable paint in 2 throwaway bowls, a little paint brush and our very special paint shirt that has her hand prints on it..she loves the shirt. Whenever i ask her if she wants to paint..she will say YES and will run to fetch her paint shirt:)
Anyway..after tiles and bathtub..she wanted to color her nesting cups.

After that she wanted me to paint with her so i did a little artwork myself. How can  you resist such a big canvas? This is what we did:)
Later on..she body painted herself in primary colors which led to a long bath time and an even longer nap..Perfect snow day:)

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