Thursday, February 7, 2013

Men and Airplanes

So it was DH's birthday and I had to think of something that he could do on that special day..something that he would enjoy.. and he is a  How its made? How do they do it? kind of guy.. if you know what i mean. Always tries to know how it was built or why or by whom..tries to know the science or sense behind every little thing. So this year to make his day a little special..we went to the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks,CT(Boys ..BIG or small..they all love airplanes!!)

The moment we entered both DH and DD were equally excited when they saw the roof covered with all sorts of hanging planes and gliders..It was a good start. You pay the fee you get a little aeroplane stamp on your hand which made my DD so happy..she kept checking it to make sure that it doesn't smudge:)

We were now ready to go inside the was cold in there but it didn't matter to my DH because he was busy now..busy reading all the history about the vintage in the cockpits..trying to fly a plane in the flight simulator and much more.

There was a little kids area too where she could sit in these small gliders but papa had to push her around because her legs were too small to reach the paddle. There was even a little coloring station for the kids with cute printables and a basket full of colored pencils.It didn't hold her attention much because there were planes everywhere and there was so much place to run around!

We were there for almost 3 hours..I know it because i was looking at the time while trying to run after my daughter but not the birthday boy..he was enjoying in his own world:)

There was a little gift shop also called Wings and Things but it got closed before we could check it out. It didn't matter because the birthday boy isn't into gift shops anyway but it was a great outing..Big boys or small..they will all enjoy airplanes any day!!


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