Monday, February 18, 2013

Where Are You Beads?

So what do you do when you have loads of snow in your patio from a previous storm?? Use it for some game time with your toddler:)
I got inspired for this particular activity from Rainydaymum  but then changed it a little bit.
I used a cake baking pan and filled it up with snow from outside, added a few beads that i had from some project i did earlier and gave my DD a spoon and a cup and she was all set to play Find the Beads Game.

She first explored all the things..played with the cold snow for a while using her fingers and a spoon. then she played with the beads a little.

 And then later i hid those beads under the snow for her to find. She kept saying where are you beads while doing it:)

And she didn't want to stop..she kept putting the beads back into the snow so that she could find them again.

We have played this game quite a few times within the last week and she loved it every single time.
Try it with your little one..they might like it too:)


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